Ruby on Rails

PHP vs Ruby

Derek Silvers a publicat un articol despre decizile care l-au determinat sa renunte la Ruby on Rails si sa se intoarca la PHP.

Back in January 2005, I announced on the O’Reilly blog that I was going to completely scrap over 100,000 lines of messy PHP code in my existing CD Baby ( website, and rewrite the entire thing in Rails, from scratch. […] The first few months showed good progress, and Jeremy could not have been more amazing, twisting the deep inner guts of Rails to make it do things it was never intended to do.

But at every step, it seemed our needs clashed with Rails’ preferences. (Like trying to turn a train into a boat. It’s do-able with a lot of glue. But it’s damn hard. And certainly makes you ask why you’re really doing this.)

Un articol care merita citit si care contine cele 7 motive care l-au facut sa renunte la Ruby on Rails si sa revina la PHP.

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