PHP 6.0 Wishlist

PHP 6.0 Wishlist

Ce isi doreste Rasmus Lerdorf de la PHP 6:

1. Remove register_globals completely

2. Remove magic_quotes_*

3. Add input filter extension which will include a mechanism for
application developers to very easily turn it off which would swap
the raw GPC arrays back in case the site had it turned on by default.

4. Include an opcode cache by default. A lot of work has gone into
pecl/apc recently, but I am not hung up on which one goes in.

5. Remove safe_mode and focus on open_basedir

6. Remove some stuff that has been marked deprecated since PHP 3/4

A couple of others that we could consider, but I don’t actually think
wins us much apart from academic purity (which I have never been all
that keen on) are:

7. Make identifiers case-sensitive

8. Remove various function aliases

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