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DID project

Status proiect:started
Buget:Prefer sa nu spun
Postat in:13 Iunie 2012
Expira:29 Iunie 2012
Medie oferte:0 euro
Categorii proiect:Perl/CGI
Descriere:Job requirements 5+ years of working experience Medium or in depth knowledge in computer communications, VOIP, Networking Strong knowledge of PEARL, PHP, MSQL. Deep knowledge of soft-switch equipments Strong presentation, communication, and collaboration skills, enabling effective interaction and knowledge transfer to teammates and other departments within the company Positive attitude and professionalism in the workplace Ability to take over ,understand and bring new modifications quickly to an project which is already under development. Company description Vox Carrier has been providing high quality retail telecommunication services worldwide since 2004. In 2009 we have expanded our wholesale services worldwide. Vox Carrier is aiming to become a major wholesale player in EMEA region in few years and has an aggressive business expansion plan to meet its goals. Vox Carrier is committed to bring value to each of its client or supplier as we believe that this is only way a business relationship can last and enforce in time. For more information please consult - http://www.voxcarrier.com/ Mail: cristina.negru@voxcarrier.com Project description The goal of the project is modifying according to the company needs of a working class 4 soft-switch, used in the past for the wholesale business and redesigned in order to be used for the International Premium Numbers business. The soft-switch currently has the following structure/elements configured: Telephone Operators, Administration/ Configuration GUI (PEARL/PHP), Billing Statistics Invoicing based on CDR’s, Monitor/ Alert GUI (PEARL, PHP) The critical part of the project will be to modify the GUI of the Administration/configuration, area currently written in PEARL in order to comply with the current requirements. Duration 4-6 weeks. Tasks - Modifying functions of the currently present CDR interface. Database manipulation Adding new functions in the current interface Interface Debugging Installing new/verifying current security features
Descriere aditionala:Trebuie sa fiti inregistrat ca sa vedeti aceste detalii

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Postat:13 Iunie 2012

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