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help me!!(urgent)

Scris: Mie Noi 01, 2017 10:00 pm
de reme
The system will have the following entities:
- users that have a first name, last name, email and password. The email is unique.
- teachers that are users and also have a level
- students that are users and also have gender and birth date
- administrators that are users and also have an “active” flag
- semesters that have an year(integer) and an index(‘I’ or ‘II’)
- groups that have a semester
- courses that have a name

The relations between entities:
- each teach teaches none or more courses
- each group is teached none or more courses by a certain single teacher that does teach that course
- each group has a set students for a certain semester, but no student can be in more than one group in the same semester
- each student can take any exam on a certain date and will get a certain grade

Am de facut astea in mysql workbench in mare le-am facut ,dar sunt destul de incepator in ceea ce priveste mysql , si precizez ca am lucrat cu diagrame, ma poate ajuta pe mine cineva , la fel tot cu diagrame(am o poza cu aproximativ ceea ce am lucrat).Multumesc!

Re: help me!!(urgent)

Scris: Joi Noi 02, 2017 10:44 am
de nevvermind
Succes la examene, omu. Aci nu facem teme. Nu fi lenes.