Companie olandeza cauta parteneri in Romania

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Companie olandeza cauta parteneri in Romania

Mesajde ExcalIbvr » Mar Ian 23, 2007 1:59 pm

Anuntul urmator il trimit in numele unui partener din Olanda, pentru care am facut cateva proiecte.
--- is looking for:


We are.. initiative from the two Dutch companies Bos New Media and Blue View B.V. Bos New Media is a leading internet development company in the Netherlands. It is specialised in development and exploitation of innovative internet applications. Blue View is also an internet development company. The growth is explosive, that is why is “born” and building up.

Our products
We offer companies a total package for digital media, mainly interactive websites and internetprojects for little and also for leading organisations. works with flexible production teams around the world, mainly in Romania and India. Principals come from all over the Netherlands.

The Outsource tool
It often is a problem for Dutch companies to outsource projects in foreign country’s, and also it is difficult for foreign programmers to find interesting projects to work for. Obstacles like payment and guarantee for quality are big. is your intermediate to find and work at internet projects and for your communication with the principals. The principal is guaranteed quality of software and getting the deadline. The programmers are guaranteed for payment in time. supervises all the internetprojects. Programmers can contract to several projects in this tool and determine their own tariff.

Your profile
Programmers we look for; independent, have a business-like character, customer directed, reliable and high sense for service. We are glad to have you working on projects because we know you deliver a good product, you always work in time and you are a good communicator. It’s your challenge to work on leading internetprojects. You can work according to the following quality (we guarantee our principals):
All sites are written with clean and clear code. The formatting must be clear: no table-layouts, no fonttags etc. We look for onwarding compatibility.

All sites meet the following specifications:
- Correct code, which means w3c compliant, zero faults in the validator
- We use LAMP (Linux / Apache / MySQL / php) and XML, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Flash / Actionscript / Ajax
- With all programmed code sufficient comment must be enclosed
- When codes are combined, namespaces must be corresponding (Ajax not necessary)
- XML is wished, not needed

We offer
As much flexibility as you like. You only work at projects you contract, as long as you satisfy the requirements asked for that project. A variaty of principals and projects, payment guarantees and supervision of the projects.

Is this how you like working and are you prepared to apply yourself to the wishes of the principal for the sites? Are you challenged to control you carrier with If you react quickly, we can make an appointment.
Between 25 and 27 feburary we are staying in Romania. After this date you can also respond and we’ll make an appointment afterwards.

React at:
Bas Koppelmans (general director)
bas [at] outsourcetool [dot] com (mention: "programmer for outsourcetool")

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Re: Companie olandeza cauta parteneri in Romania

Mesajde dianamatei05 » Sâm Iun 02, 2018 9:00 pm

Buna ziua! Daca aveti nevoie de un birou de traduceri legalizate pentru limba olandeza indiferent de domeniu sau de registrul in care se incadreaza textul eu am gasit site-ul acesta : De asemenea, puteti opta si pentru interpretariat, serviciu prestat de interpreti olandeza.
Lansati comanda de traduceri olandeza sau orice alta varianta de traducere la:
Tel fix: +4 0318.004.719
Telefon mobil:
Adresa: Bucuresti, Calea Crangasi, nr.10, bl. 19 A, sc. B, ap.71,
interfon 271C, reper B.C.R. Crangasi, Podul Grant

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